Do you require your hydraulic cylinders to be documented quality with certificates and third-party approvals?

FJERO is ISO 9001:2015 certified and also offers a broad range of third-party approvals to customers with high quality requirements

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Safety and reliability

FJERO has obtained certification and approvals for a long list of suppliers.

You can see some of the third-party approvals that FJERO can supply documentation for below:
• Lloyd´s
• Etc.

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DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Fjero har opnået ISO 9001:2015-certifikat

Fjero has obtained ISO 9001:2015-certificate

Download certificate >

Manufacturing Survey Arrangement (MSA)
with the DNV·GL

Fjero har opnået MSA-certificat via DNV-GL

Fjero has obtained
MSA-certificat with DNV-GL

Download certificate >

Recognition Certificate
with the DNV·GL

Fjero har opnået Recognition Certificate via DNV_GL

Fjero has obtained Recognition Certificate with DNV_GL

Download certificate >

Certificate of compliance
for the F1-cylinder

Fjero har en typegodkendelse via DNV_GL på F1 hydraulisk cylinder

Fjero has obtained type approval with DNV_GL for F1 hydraulic cylinder

Download certificate >

Fjero develops and manufactures customized and standardized hydraulic cylinders. Our hydraulic cylinders perform many different functions every day - often in demanding environments.

Our customers, who work in many different industries, place great demands on functionality, quality and durability.

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