Fjero specialises in customer-specific solutions - even with advanced features for challenging tasks

With the simplified basic construction built with standardised components, you as customer get proven technology enhanced with unique customer-specific functions – and fast delivery.

Fjero has upgraded ISO certification to
DS/EN ISO 9001:2015

Our work focuses on ensuring quality throughout our production, so customers can always rest assured that they are receiving a documented quality product. Our new DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 certification is evidence of just that.

Customized solutions for offshore, marine, subsea, wind and other industries
Our product range help our costumers to optimize business by our know how, proven technology and high quality











FJERO A/S designs and manufactures hydraulic cylinders



Play the video below and see why FJERO A/S
is the customers best supplier of hydraulic cylinders:



Demanding jobs call for high quality

That is why we set the bar high in order to meet the demands of

the WORLD’S TOUGHEST forces,

the WORLD’S FASTEST functions,

the WORLD’S HARSHEST environments,

the WORLD’S WARMEST climates,

etc ….


We don't call ourselves the world's best
– we would rather be the customer's best.


Oil & Gas

Components for the oil and gas industry – including offshore, marine and subsea – face extreme conditions.

Operation at sea, at the surface and underwater, requires material of the very best quality. Massive impact from the salt water, waves and environment are very harsh conditions for equipment, so high quality are a must to prevent extra costs, in case of breakdown. FJERO A/S has long experience as a supplier to the industry, and we know that high quality is of the utmost importance!!



In the wind power industry, material is often exposed to tough conditions both on land and off shore.

FJERO A/S has decades of experience as a supplier of high-quality cylinders for pitch regulation.
Our cylinders are used when only the best will do.

Other Industries

There are FJERO cylinders in equipment used in many different industries.

Since 1987, FJERO A/S has focused on the development of hydraulic cylinders, and today FJERO A/S is the leading supplier for demanding industrial applications, among others.

High quality hydraulic cylinders – even for harsh conditions Tel: +45 96 16 00 00

Hydraulic cylinders

- also for extreme conditions

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