FJERO A/S develops and manufactures standard and customized hydraulic cylinders for heavy and demanding industries

Oil & Gas
Hydraulic cylinders for offshore and onshore tasks subjected to a harsh environment
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Hydraulic cylinders for the marine industry need to be able to function in a harsh environment and under extreme conditions
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Hydraulic cylinders for the subsea industry work under extremely high water pressure
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Hydraulic pitch cylinders in wind turbines are subjected to intense loads
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Mobile hydraulics
Cylinders for mobile and automotive applications are placed under huge strain in a demanding environment
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Mining operations
Hydraulic cylinders used in the mining industry are working under massive stress in an aggressive environment
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Hydropower suppliers demand reliable hydraulic cylinders that can handle working under challenging conditions in a harsh environment
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Mechanical engineering
The equipment manufacturers demand reliable hydraulic cylinders able to perform a variety of functions
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Are you looking for reliable standard or custom-designed hydraulic cylinders?
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Through our many years of experience in delivering to these demanding industries, such as mining operations, hydropower, heavy mobile transport, truck manufacturers, wind turbines, oil and gas (offshore/onshore), marine and subsea, we have built up considerable expertise about hydraulic cylinders, which enables us to perform challenging tasks for our customers.

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Hydraulic cylinders built from standard components

FJERO’s own type approved F1 cylinder is designed for customers that require full traceability – from the raw materials to the finished cylinder. If you don’t need traceability, we offer our F2 cylinder, which is produced to FJERO’s same high quality.

Based on the F1 and F2 cylinders, FJERO has developed standard components that can be used to build cylinders to perform specific tasks. Using our standard components combined with special adaptations we can configure an extremely wide range of hydraulic cylinders. The components have a high documented traceability and the cylinders can be supplied with third-party approvals if so required. The job can often be completed with a large proportion of standard components, while individual parts can be replaced by custom-designed elements. Contact us to find out more about possible solutions based on our standard product range.

Read more about the F1 cylinder and traceability requirements >>
Read more about F2 cylinders without traceability requirements >>

Custom-made hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders perform many different functions on a daily basis, often in extremely demanding environments. This generally requires adjustments to the individual cylinder solution. We always review wishes and requirements for functions and durability with the customer, as even the most basic parts such as connections, bearings, different fasteners and gaskets can require a special solution. Special functions can also influence the final solution, for example a position sensor that indicates the precise position of the piston. Regardless of what your needs and wishes are, we can find an effective, safe solution. The choice of materials is also crucial, and FJERO produces cylinder parts in many different materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and special steel according to specific customer requirements. We also offer a variety of special coatings on piston rods such as ceramic or double chrome layers.

Contact our sales department and have your wishes fulfilled >

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Pure Danish quality

All cylinder parts are developed and manufactured in Denmark at FJERO’s own factory in Skive. For the same reasons, we retain full control of the entire production flow and are thus not dependent on subcontractors for subcomponents. This ensures an overview and uniform quality, partly due to the raw materials’ components but also because of the design and technical solutions. FJERO supplies hydraulic cylinders to demanding customers where quality is paramount as unintended interruptions cost large sums of money daily.

Documented quality

The most demanding industries require certification and third-party approvals. Over the years FJERO has obtained certification and third-party approvals so we can match the very special specifications that are required. FJERO is ISO 9001-2015 certified and also has an MSA agreement with DNV-GL.

Read more about our certificates and third-party approvals >>

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Customer experience made for movies

Our profile film is produced on the basis of feedback from a large internationally renowned company that places extremely high demands on quality and know-how. It is their experiences of FJERO as a competent and qualified supplier on which the film's screenplay and content is based.

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Fjero develops and manufactures customized and standardized hydraulic cylinders. Our hydraulic cylinders perform many different functions every day - often in demanding environments.

Our customers, who work in many different industries, place great demands on functionality, quality and durability.


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