The F2 cylinder is designed and developed for companies that place high demands on quality and customisation but without the need for traceability and documentation

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Standardised solutions with custom-designed functions

Many challenges can be overcome and functions provided with FJERO’s F2 cylinders, which can be adapted according to the customer’s specific wishes and requirements. This ensures high quality, optimal cylinder solutions with high uptime and without costly unexpected interruptions.

The F2 cylinder is supplied with the same built-it dimensions as the F1 cylinder. This makes the F2 cylinders a natural choice for customers who do NOT require a high level of traceability and documentation of applied materials and functions. The F2 cylinder has been tried and tested in many different applications – in a nutshell: Proven Technology.

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Option for additional features

The F2 cylinder can be supplied with a wide range of additional functions that increase the functionality and thus the value of the cylinder. These include:
• Integrated valves in the form of built-in hose rapture or load-holding valves.
• Dampening at top and bottom when piston speed is above 0.5 m/sec.
• Different types of electronic positioning, e.g. from MTS-Temposonics, BALLUF or REGAL.
• Etc.

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Customer wishes accommodated

All special customer wishes can be accommodated according to the task, regardless of whether it applies to the choice of materials for the cylinder tube itself or a specific type of housing, seal, etc., FJERO can customise the design. This also applies to wishes for a special surface treatment.

FJERO’s cylinders come coated with black primer as standard, but can also be supplied as sandblasted and painted to corrosion classes C2, C2 or C5.

FJERO can supply surface treatments in accordance with international standards such as ISO 12944-2 or NORSOK M-501.

If you require documented traceability, please refer to our type approved F1 cylinder.

See dimensions, description and fastener types for the F2 cylinder in the table below:
(PDF files for download)

Complete F2-catalogue

Download complete ctalogue

Technical specifications

Download data sheet

Spherical bearing

Download data sheet

Spherical composite bearing

Download data sheet

Spherical composite bearing adjustable

Download data sheet

Trunnion mount

Download data sheet

Front flange

Download data sheet

How to order

Download data sheet

Fjero entwickelt und fertigt kundenspezifische und standardisierte Hydraulikzylinder. Unsere Hydraulikzylinder erfüllen täglich viele verschiedene Funktionen - oft in anspruchsvollen Umgebungen.

Unsere Kunden, die in vielen verschiedenen Branchen tätig sind, stellen hohe Anforderungen an Funktionalität, Qualität und Langlebigkeit.


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