Hydraulic pitch cylinders in wind turbines are subjected to intense loads

The wind turbine industry demands hydraulic pitch cylinders that can handle extreme loads. FJERO has decades of experience with hydraulic pitch cylinders

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Extreme loads from wind and weather make heavy demands

The list of requirements for the correct components and materials is especially long for pitch applications that are challenged daily by an intense operating pattern. In particular, it makes heavy demands on seals and attacks the surface of the piston rod and the cylinder tube. Loads are even heavier for offshore wind turbines in the form of a saline-rich environment and significant temperature fluctuations

Precision and strength

The exact adjustment of the turbine blades can make a critical difference under extreme wind conditions. This places huge demands on the quality of important components, and FJERO therefore puts its hydraulic pitch cylinders through accelerated lifetime tests, in order to ensure absolute functional safety. The cylinders are also built to be able to function for a minimum of 20 years with a maintenance-free design. All our hydraulic pitch cylinders are supplied with documented traceability – all to ensure precision and strength in the wind turbine.

Specific design with standardised and tested components

All designs are executed in accordance with the customer’s specific wishes and requirements, normally without welds. FJERO uses standardised, tested components which are optimised in relation to the specific load cycles, which the applications must work under. All designs are tried and tested through our extended lifetime test, FMEA analysis and so on, thereby ensuring the customer a high-quality solution that ensures a high uptime level.

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Standard parts in custom-designed solutions

Over many years of testing and documentation of our pitch cylinders we know that our components meet the technical requirements for durability and function.

We design custom-made solutions based on very specific technical requirements and functions for individual needs. The conditions under which a wind turbine shall operate are critical to the solution.

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Fjero develops and manufactures customized and standardized hydraulic cylinders. Our hydraulic cylinders perform many different functions every day - often in demanding environments.

Our customers, who work in many different industries, place great demands on functionality, quality and durability.

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