Characteristic Values

Usage : Mini-cylinder Ø25mm for mobile hydraulics.
Cylindertube : St. 52-3 Din. 2391/2393, int. tolerance H8-H10, Ra max 0.81µm.
Pistonrod : 20Mnv6 quality corresponding to SS2142, Hard Chrome 25 µm +/- 5 µm, hardness min. 850 HV, Ra max. 0.2 µm, ext. tolerance ISO f7. Special qualities on request.
Seals : (Standard) Piston: Polyurethane. Piston rod: Polyurethane lip seal. Wiper: Nitrile rubber Sh.90 with steel edge.
Normal pressure : Max. 210 bar.
Test pressure : Max. 315 bar.
Piston speed : Max. piston speed 0. 1m/sec, if stroke length is not used (piston reaches bottom). If speed exceeds 0.1 m/sec, damping is recommended.
Tubebreakprotection : Can be built-in by custom order.
Cussioning : Not available with damping.
Positioning : Not available with electronic positioning.
Working temperat. : Operating temperature -30°C to +80°C.
Pressure medium : Mineral oil-based hydraulic oil
Painting : Comes standard with black primer. Available pre-painted at extra cost.
High quality hydraulic cylinders – even for harsh conditions Tel: +45 96 16 00 00

Technical Specifications

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