If you can imagine it, it’s possible

We are rarely surprised when customers from industries we have never worked with contact us at FJERO A/S. We deliver cylinders to many industries, but we are continuously adding new industries as new materials are designed to solve new challenges.

We want to be part of that work. Customers’ queries are handled constructively and seriously, and we always do our utmost to live up to our customers’ expectations!





Standard or customized


There are many types of hydraulic cylinders to choose from on FJERO A/S’s shelves. We are ready to guide and find the best solution for our customers.

And if our standard assortment does not cover a specific need, we are ready to develop, design and manufacture just the right hydraulic cylinder for the job. All this in consultation with the customer.

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Standard assortment

The list of hydraulic cylinders is long. Click on the product name and read a detailed description of each cylinder.

High quality hydraulic cylinders – even for harsh conditions Tel: +45 96 16 00 00

Other industries

If you can imagine it, it’s possible

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